A person goes through uncountable mood swings in his life and I am no different. I like to believe that I am rather volatile with emotions. And this is a a real part of me,that's make me.

With an optimistic nature, I have a tendency to smile even at worst situation that i cross through. I live in present and dream about future and act for future. I believe in working hard and making those lots of dreams come true. There is always constant motivation and positive energy inside me, which creates willingness to create something new, design new and achieve something. As a person, I am broad minded, flexible, dedicative and reliable. I believe in sharing my works and ideas with people and keeping the communication lines open for them. Currently I am pursuing my B.E degree under Pokhara University My invaluable treasure of life are my great friends and teachers who make me feel privileged and my family who has supported me and help me stand confident in-front of the world, with whom I keep enjoying even in the smallest achievements of life.
- I have big ideas, everyone has.
- Execution is what matters, and I do execute.
- Be punctual, Time is priceless.
- Communication is key to success, keep lines of communication open.
And I believe in touching lives through technology.

1)Content writing
2)Digital marketing
4)Google Sketchup
6)Video editing

Email: admin@regmis.com.np