Different trend words to describe images


Different TRENDS

lets have some examples ;

Look at the following graph and read the description.

In this graph of Electro Inc’s television sales between 1996 and 1999, we can see that purchases of televisions went up in 1996 and continued to rise steadily until 1998 when they dropped slight.  



Up variations

Down Variation


Up and down

Sometimes you need to describe a graph that goes up and then down. Here we have fewer options.

No change


Preposition problem 1 – by and to
Prepositions are horrid in English. Have another look at the graph:

Note how these two sentences mean exactly the same:
The rate of unemployment rose to 12% in 2010.
The rate of unemployment rose by 5% in 2010.

If you still wondering where to use these words in images and confuse on what kind of images we need to deal with in PTE then click link below for one of the kind;

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