PTE academic; Collocations 03 - Some more examples on use of Collocations


some more examples on use of collocation:

The word big is often used in collocations with a happening or event, for example:
§  a big accomplishment
§  a big decision
§  a big disappointment
§  a big failure
§  a big improvement
§  a big mistake
§  a big surprise

The word great is often used in collocations with feelings or qualities.
Great + feelings
§  great admiration
§  great anger
§  great enjoyment
§  great excitement
§  great fun
§  great happiness
§  great joy
Great + qualities
§  in great detail
§  great power
§  great pride
§  great sensitivity
§  great skill
§  great strength
§  great understanding
§  great wisdom
§  great wealth

The word large is often used in collocations involving numbers and measurements.
§  a large amount
§  a large collection
§  a large number (of)
§  a large population
§  a large proportion
§  a large quantity
§  a large scale

The word strong is often used in collocations with facts and opinions:
Strong + facts/opinions
§  strong argument
§  strong emphasis
§  strong evidence
§  a strong contrast
§  a strong commitment
§  strong criticism
§  strong denial
§  a strong feeling
§  a strong opinion (about something)
§  strong resistance
Strong + senses
§  a strong smell
§  a strong taste

The word deep is used for some strong feelings:
§  deep depression
§  deep devotion
It is also used in these expressions:
§  in deep thought
§  in deep trouble
§  in a deep sleep (when the person won’t wake up easily)

Heavy is used for some weather conditions…
§  heavy rain
§  heavy snow
§  heavy fog
The word heavy is also used for people with bad habits:
§  a heavy drinker
§  a heavy smoker
§  a heavy drug user
There’s also the expression “a heavy sleeper” – that’s not someone who sleeps a lot; instead, it’s a person who doesn’t wake up easily when sleeping.
The word heavy is also used in collocations with two unpleasant things: TRAFFIC and TAXES!
§  heavy traffic

§  heavy taxes

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