Sample essay 15

Employers/Authorities of a company should take suggestions or ideas from employees in taking any decision. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
These days, there is an ongoing debate between people that whether companies should take suggestions from employees before taking any decision or employers should take decisions on their own. I agree with the former aspect / perspective for a number of reasons
The benefits of engaging employees in the decision making of a company are manifold. The salient one is that the inputs provided by employees will give employers diverse ideas and concepts to work on. Not only can the company come to a much wiser decision based on the data, but they can also make the staff feel privileged by considering their opinion important. Needless to say, this idea will keep any business in a preponderant/better/superior position, in terms of increasing productivity.
Another pivotal aspect of involving the employees in the strategic planning of an organisation is that they will not feel they are merely following orders, they will rather feel that they are an indispensable part of the organisation, which will motivate them to put in more effort. Unlike, those companies, which impose orders on their employees and so, fail to generate spontaneity/will among them, companies that value their employees opinions succeed in motivating them to work spontaneously. Apparently, the latter benefit more when it comes to productivity.
In view of the arguments outlined above, one can conclude that the benefits of considering the opinion of employees and suggestions offers in a company are indeed too great to ignore.
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