General Tips from one who scored overall 90 in PTE - ABHISHEK NARANG

Hi All,

Some tips for everyone that helped me score well in the PTE:

1. the most important thing is to develop good typing speed on normal desktop keyboard as they provide you a desktop to do the test on. Buy a USB keyboard if you don't have 1 as its key are more raised than a standard laptop keyboard.
This will help you finish writing tasks like summary, essay in time. I work on my laptop everyday being a software engineer but still could manage to finish just in time.

2. Buy the $60 Gold Kit from
Many people advised against it, but i personally feel i got an idea of my loopholes. I was not doing well in Grammer and Vocabulary and worked on it for the last few days and the score really shot up.
The mock tests give you a real exam feel and you are not prone to get stunned during the actual test.

3. Its important that you recognize the type of question by just looking at it and not waste precious time in reading the instructions. For example: Retell lecture has an audio and image, describe image will have just an image etc. Moreover, its good to remember the sequence of questions in the test.

Personal Introduction
Read Aloud
Repeat Sentence
Describe Image
Re-tell lecture
Answer Short Questions
Summarize written text

MCQ - 1 Answer
MCQ - Multiple Answers
Reorder Paragraphs
Fill in the blanks 1 - Drag and Drop
Fill in the blanks 2- Select from Dropdown


Summarize spoken text
MCQ- Choose multiple answers
Fill in the blanks
Highlight correct summary
MCQ- 1 Answer
Select Missing Word
Highlight incorrect words
Write from Dictation
4. Also note what all sections have negative marking and mark only if you are absolutely sure.
Reading - MCQ - Multiple Answers
Listening- MCQ- Choose multiple answers, Highlight incorrect words

5. Think like a computer does. It can only find out grammatical and spelling mistakes. The content does not matter. Make sure you do enough practice for spelling such as ie rule and its exceptions (google it now!) and get a list of commonly misspelled words. Work on common grammatical mistakes such as word capitalization, punctuation, collocations, usage of hyphens and dashes etc.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for this article. Can you please briefly explain what does it mean by ie rule and its exception