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The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education- Einstein. What does he mean by that? And do you think he is correct?

Many people believe that formal education is the only way to learn and acquire knowledge. However, Albert Einstein had a different view on the process of learning and the concept of education. This essay is going to analyse his quote and compare the difference between education and learning.
Education is the formal way of giving knowledge by someone who has it to someone who does not acquired it yet. However, it seems like Einstein had a different view to process of learning and there is some fundamental truth behind his words. Firstly, education is biased and usually limited to knowledge of an educator. Secondly, education does not guarantee to give correct knowledge, it can be totally and utterly wrong, we can refer to an example when teacher taught students that our planet is flat. Finally, education gives narrowed down knowledge which was probably not enough for Albert Einstein.
Learning for Albert Einstein was holistic process, it involved not only understanding the basic things taught by teachers and professors, but rather much more deep research into the things he wanted to know. Therefore, his learning was hindered by formal education, not only that they gave him, probably wrong understandings of things, but most likely altered his path to knowledge. His findings were so innovative that contemporaries did not fully understand them even more so they didn’t think that he was genius, rather mad man.
In conclusion, conventional education tends to limit the knowledge and alter the process of learning, Einstein has realized it, and believed that education is stopping him from learning new things and maybe make new discoveries.
This one is interesting, because you could write a bit about how Einstein is inspiring in so many ways, say for 1 paragraph (and explore what he means by this quote). Then perhaps you could explain that traditional schooling is possibly too generic, or even "controlled" so that young people are shaped in a way that the government wants them to be. It would be interesting to come up with reasons why un-schooling is important to some parents, who disagree with the standard education. Instead, they choose to encourage the child's innate talents and abilities, they put more emphasis on the child's strengths and nurture them, while putting some "unnecessary" subjects on the back burner. Or, in the time that a child is sitting at a desk in school all day, they could be exploring a nature trail, or a tide pool, or a museum, or reading novels... and a without traditional school, a child is allowed to learn at their own pace and what is interesting to them

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