Sample Essay 3

Roles of governments, companies and individuals to combat climate change

In 21st century, world has become advanced in terms of technologies. As everything has its pros and cons, same is true for these technologies.  On one side, new inventions are helping us in our daily activities; however, on the other hand, they are also hampering our environment badly.  It is joint responsibility of everyone to take necessary precautions at their level. (59)
Decisions affecting carbon dioxide emissions for example, are made primarily by companies and consumers. This includes decision by companies on how to generate electricity, thousands of other goods and services and decision by consumers also like what to buy, how to transport and to keep their house warm and cold. (50)
In order to effectively combat the global warming issue we have to keep tap on the heat emission released in the atmosphere. As an individual we can also take action in reducing the use of personnel carbon emissions. But it should also be the responsibility of the elected leaders to implement climate change solutions. (53)
Government should also introduce policies through which use of renewable energy can be expanded and limit to emit carbon should be placed on polluters. Tropical deforestation should also be reduced and associated global warming emissions. (35)
In conclusion, to fight issues of climate change and its adverse effects, whole humanity has to come forward and join hands until it becomes too late. (25)

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