Sample Essay 1

 Do you think consumers should avoid over packaged products or is it the responsibility of producers?

We are living in very fast paced life, in which we always look for options which can provide us comfort without doing much. Packaged products are one such example which has given us an easy way out, but over packaged product sometimes can make our life little uneasy. In the below essay, I will enunciate the pros and cons of over packaged products. (63)
Firstly, Packaging ensures that people can get and buy products whenever and wherever they want. This saves a lot of time for them by taking example of snacks which are intended to be eaten on the move. But packaging of snacks can be avoided also as consumers can assemble them without taking much time. (54)
Secondly, some companies have gone overboard for packaging. They are packaging goods in wooden boxes, then wrapping in plastics, after that placing a cardboard on the top which will provide detail to consumer about the product. After the product is opened all these stuff used for packing goes into waste. Another example of Macdonald’s, who was the first one to do over packaging of their products and encourage the people to eat while walking as a result people throw the waste on the streets. (82)
To sum up, I think that over packaging of products is evitable keeping in mind the impact they will have on our environment due to wastage and its responsibility lies on the producers. Also this will reduce the cost they are spending on over packaging.  (46)

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