Sandeep Kumar briefing his PTE EXAM (section - 1 Speaking)


Section-1 Speaking:-

1) Read Aloud:-
Generally 2-3 Para and was bit easy. Except one Para where they used words scientists and scientist's so be careful and make sure you pronounce it correctly coz I found it a difficulty there.

2) Repeat Sentences:-
This part can be easier for those who has very good memory and easily able to remember at least 10 words in a go. Try dividing it into chunks and make a meaning out of it, rather engulfing the whole sentence in a go.
It found it little easier but don't remember the sentences. Sorry!!!

3) Describe Image:-
Almost all images were line graphs except one which was quite different. I have also posted images, please have a look. As I am not able to recollect the exact figures so posted whatever best I can do.

pte image exercise
pte describe image

4) Retell Lecture:-
  a) About adult rats and LD i.e Light dark behaviour. Don't worry if you miss the lecture there is quite good image given which you can use for further explanation. Little similar article which I found is linked below:-
  b) This was about improvements done by Napoleon 3rd like lit ups XXX lamps(Changed from oil lamps to Gas lamps), ~18K planted trees, changed sewer line, painted whole Paris and made a lot of changes which made Paris a very better to live and hangout for coffee.

5) Answer short questions:-
  a) One map given and I think asked about which ocean is on west of it..- Pacific Ocean
  b) One image given and asked what item is circled: - landline phone was circled
  c) Three words spoken and asked which one is odd (Decrease, Increase and Decline) - Increase
  d) One big table given with lot of information in it related to export asked which country      has max export - I think it was Atlanta something like that not sure...
  e) Once flow diagram given and asked in which step Director takes action - Step no 6 100%cent sure

pte short answer question
PTE short answer image

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