Sandeep Kumar briefing his PTE EXAM (section - 3 Reading and Listening)


Section-3 Reading:-

Time management is really very important so please practise it as much as you can.
I found it very tough. L Re-order was worst


1)      Summarize spoken text :-
a)      Mary who was born in Ireland in 19XX – migrated to US in 19XX – Was a great cook – suspected to be died coz of typhoid but no strong evidences – typhoid a contagious disease spread due to contaminated food – Typhoid took 197 lives in 19XX – Mary never got herself inspected so thought it’s just FLU
b)      Gov. must inform citizens before making any changes – something about liberal party of democracy – equal and unequal parties’ kind of lecturer was too fast to understand.
2)      Multiple choice multiple answers –
a)      Related to Odour we experience and try to remember past events total 5 options (1 and 5 is the correct answers) Answer given by speaker in last line of his speech.
3)      Single choice –
a)      Speaker was talking about micro bot technology and micro bots can be injected easily used for biopsy.. I think last option was correct answer i.e. [ lecture is about latest technology without operating kind of]
4)      Highlight in-correct – Make sure you have a very good practice of this coz speaker is too fast and it’s really hard to cope up. Also there was one question which is a conversation between man n lady in which they spoke like mad and it’s hard to catch even a word though I managed three in it. unless you are not sure don’t even think of touching it.

so now get ready to check out tips on exam and set yourself for preparation;

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