Essay Topics with Easy Points To remember:

Essay Topics with Easy Points To remember:
Extreme Sports:
Skydiving - Bungee Jumping - Risky Pursuits - Multi billion dollar global industry - Extremely Popular - Extreme injuries - B/w 2000 & 2011 4 million injuries - It all about excitement & thrill - All in the name of personal glory - If things go wrong - Heavy price - Humans aren't supposed to fly - Overcome it by better equipment.

Buy & Use when they want them - Good condition - Little Wastage - Many think too much packing - Example snacks - Eaten while moving on roads, etc. - (make your own example of over packing) - Highly competitive - All under pressure to come up with new ideas & solutions - No business want to spend more on packaging - Overboard on packaging - Like trays, inside box, include a plastic container with cardboard wrap around it - Ex: Mc Donald's - Encourage us to eat while walking -Throw it on the streets.
Home Town:
To find happiness & success- Pay attention - Control over type of environment - Goals can't achieve if in wrong environment - Influence our selves - By people we surround ourselves - Ex: Social network over own behavior (else make your own example) - Hang around people who are obese and unhealthy - Become same as them - If hang with people lazy - Become same as like them - Places we spend most of time - Will motivates and inspires us - ex: ( make your own) - We should not distracting from it.
Climate Change / Global Warming:
Carbon-dioxide (co2) mission - By companies and consumers - effectively address global warming -Reduce the amount of heat trapping emissions Putting into atmosphere -Treat to global warming as individual - Demand the elected leaders to support on it - Expand renewable energy sources - Clean system - Reduce deforestation - Less cleansing Oxygen - Wildlife protect - Global warming reduce with good methods - Pollution control - Loss of Bio-diversity - Alarming at an unnecessary rate - try to reduce it.
Television playing an Important role in our lives - Cheap one - Improves the science and technology - Know about the politics, New things to the people - Good for house wife's,old people, no work - Isolate each other - More life like - Vivid & real - Keep's family together - Tells news, whether report, disaster like flood,winds etc..

Time waster - No time for activities for children - Neglecting every thing like sleep, meals,work - Becoming lazier - Tv while eating instead of talking each other - loss of relationship.
Decision Making (Employee's Opinion):
Empower to success the organisation - Saves money - Increases the productivity of Organisation - Reduce outsourcing - Improving morals (Positive attitude) - Long term reliable with company - Team work (helps) - Relationship become stronger in group environment - Particular area of employee at job know the In's and Out's of the problem - Freedom to the employee's - innovative things comes out from different minds
Suggestion may be of his personal interest - may harm the company - Solution to this is final decision has to taken by the higher authority only (weather good or bad to company).
Deforestation - Less cleansing of Oxygen - Wildlife - Global warming - Pollution Control - Alarming at an unnecessary rate (reduce it) - Loss of Bio-diversity.
Written Assessment or Formal Assessment (How exams valid):
Participate fully in today's society & contribute to economy - learning, thinking, communicating each other -Central to the process of effective teaching & learning of writing - convey thoughts,ideas - Formative assessments assess & gauge us - Strengthen - Further development - Feedback to improve in future -Manage abilities -  Some times written assessments creates working under pressure - children become ill on the day of exam unable to write exam - It cannot test complete book - stressful sometimes.
Shopping Mall's:
Big business - Multi stores at one place - Collection of retail stores & restaurants - Parking free - Holiday with family convenient place - All housed at one place - it include all type of items - Groceries, Cloths, Shoes, Reading books, Food court, Cinemas, Entertainment, Games etc.. - Chit chat with friends and can enjoy shopping
Crowd in weekends and offer seasons - Parking also creates problem - Tempting special offers - Make us unnecessary things to buy.
Work-Life Balance:
No time to relax & recharge (energy) - Performance levels suffers - Maintain healthy environment - Balance work & personal responsibilities - Like today's most important to look after children, housework, volunteering, spouse & Elder parents care - Disadvantages like - Stress - Long work hours - Healthy risks - Increase smoking, alcohol consumption - Weight gain - depression - Physical & Mental issues - Solution to these  - Wellness programs running - Gym's with benefit packages in the companies - Fitness centers with trainers - Yoga - Picnic visits - Self-Management - Control ourselves.
Law Changes Human Behavior:
Law control the behavior of society - law can only prohibit people's evil behavior by government force - Ensure peace & stability of society - Moral judgement by avoid punishment - rules are necessary - laws are different in societies - Formed by authorities - LAW CAN CONTROL BUT CANNOT CHANGE BEHAVIOR - Fear it creates if any illegal done - Punished - laws should change according to the human nature - Limit the people activities - cannot shape minds & hearts - And one should think, why high crime rate? - even their are laws.
Marriage Before Studies:
Numerous dis-advantages - Greater problem when dependent on parents - Tension - Paying tuition fee - Time constraint on newly weds - Balance time at home, adjust new-life, academics - Organize every thing - Often left with no time - Less time on personal growth - College life restrict parties,functions,relationships - Drop in grades,goals - Cut's the growth & maturation - So - Most need self-Support - Living own - Making decisions - Marriage Prevent all.
Pros/Cons of this Era-Daily Inventions:
More convenient & accessible - Technology advancement - Education advanced greatly - Ex: Computers - Global learning - Agriculture has equipped more with machines - Less labor - Medical achievements - positive level in economy.
More being depend on computers - WHEN MACHINE BREAKS/CRASHES - ALMOST DISABLED UNTIL IT SOLVED - Ex: (make your own) - Put's people distinct - Become less self-reliant - Human workers has less value -  Unemployment (10 workers = 1 Computer) - makes us slaves.
Imitating Celebrities in Sports & Movies:
Now a days - Extremely influenced to live teenagers - positive role models and deadly negative influences also - Celebrities most expensive things post on internet - Like cloths,bags etc.. - Public attention - Negative effects - Like drive after drunk - Drug abuse/addition - alcohol drinking - eating disorders - Low self-esteem, confidence - More & more stories and pictures on internet - illicit activities like partying drinking - Risky behavior - death also - Teen girls flips through favorite fashion magazine - inducted with pic's & articles - may damage their behavior - Some Guide in Positive also - Ex; (make your own) - Right direction - So prohibit unhealthy images in public.
Recent Inventions Proved Beneficial:
First it sticks in our mind Computer - make lives easier - Tell activities - Multitasking - Minimize work and deduce - Manipulate store information like writing - No need of paper to store - Rewrite - Helpful in all fields - like Education, Entertainment, Job, Video games, Movies, Songs, Chat with friends on internet - Paper presentations etc...
Communication Pros/Cons-Impacts:
Make world together - Share information quickly & efficiently - Global village to Industrial Technology - Cheaper - Text messages, Email any where free - Video conferences - Bridge cultural gap (Difficult cultures to communicate)
Job redundancies - Downsizing lower & middle level jobs - PRIVACY TO INFORMATION - Lack of job security - As technology keeps on changing - Update every time - Dominate culture of English.
Learning a New Language at Early Age:
Promotes better understanding, psychology, diversity - Bilingual helps to understand the structure of language - In depth view of other culture - Saves time a lot - No worrying of mistakes of language - Something out of ordinary - More creative - better performance solving skills - Critical thinking - flexibility of mind setting - multi-tasking - Improves listening skills - Brain works harder - Those environment people have stronger working memories - better reading, calculating & other vital skills - switch one task to another easily.
Under Developed Countries Tourism:
Recently, low cost fair international travel - development in tourism as key to economy - Increase variety of services - Like hotels, transport,restaurants, Entertainment - Number of jobs increases - Development infrastructure - Green industry - low pollution - beautiful nature landscapes - Local cuisine become popular & advertises. -- Dis-advantages - harmful to country - Like loss of culture - changes in lifestyle, costumes, Language - Carry expensive objects like cameras, bags etc.. - Target for thieves - crime rate increases - increase in drug consumption -- Conclusion - Greatly beneficial to economy - Jobs increases without need of higher education - No risk to the environment - Pollution controls.
"The Only thing that Interface with Learning is My Education " - Einstein 
"My education is the Hindrance of the process of my Learning" - Einstein
Formal education tends to limit the thinking of subject - Ex: Law of gravity - taught in school - Most engineers taught that something must be done THIS way - So no simple solution to complex problems -- Einstein recognize - education also limits - Research has done - Only interface with my learning is education - Self Educate -- Could you imagine if education would have been so high level to teach Einstein to that level he was Urging for! -- Education does not guarantee to give correct knowledge - Education has high priority today's world - Education has changed - Ex: Medical field has many changed else many have died - Einstein would have fit now a days but back in old days - So he saying, he being taught 6th grade education in highest college at time - And he wasted higher education,
Illiterate of 21st Century.... Learn, Relearn, Unlearn:
It was stated by "Alvin Toffler" - World's best education system  - Learn: Has not been given respect by all prayers - Unlearning & Relearning do not mean one should forget, learn it again - Unlearning: Happen when you open to new prospective of things you already know - Relearning: Happen when you accept a new perspective and appreciate your knowledge - Overcome misunderstanding, misconception - Britain prime minister "Tony Blair"statement is 'Education Education Education' - Education is about molding the future of our nation and of each individual.  
Recent Technology Boon or Curse:
Changes the way we live - Ex: Mobile's - Information accessible to large number of people - Travelling - Ex: cars, trains, plains - Travel faster - (refer to Era-Daily Invention Topic).
English will Remain as Dominant:
Countries like England, Canada, America, Australia use English - Most books, thesis paper, internet articles - Written in English - Translate to English - most software and application - written in English - Foreign music, movies, books & style - as a single city (world) - Advertisements in English - Hoardings, Boards, Economic Transactions etc... in English - Future trend more trade.
Advertisements in Schools:
Changes takes place - Commercialism - Budget short falls - Funds crunches - Huge Budgets cuts - Income increases - Better faculty, Motivated teachers - Advance view - Better equipment & intelligent decision making - Important infrastructure & standard - Negative of advertisement is Immature to think of children - may mislead them.  

Above mentioned point's are helpful to analyse and built a good essay. Make sure of building an essay before attempting the exam. Hope it's useful to you all. There are Positive, Negative, and Concluding points.

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